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Hey! I'm Rubin.

I've spent my entire career in investments, and the early years in Chicago. I was first an unsuccessful oil trader, then an unsuccessful currency trader, and finally a moderately successful bond trader. I was a bit lost at age 29, so I moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in business school.

After that, I spent 7 years at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Many of my views about investing align with their investment approach, including that analyzing stocks is, frankly, a waste of time, energy, and resources.


I feel strongly that great investment experiences aren't hard to achieve with foundational financial literacy. The premise of my writings is simple:

  • Investors should define what fortune means to them
    (and it shouldn't be just $)​

  • ...and then reduce various frictions to achieving it


Thanks for visiting!

-Rubin Miller, CFA


I’m married to Emily, who is a fiddler and works at Amazon. We live in Austin, TX.

FWIW, I became a United States Chess Master at age 15, and a mediocre NCAA collegiate soccer player after that.


Now I’m the Chief Investment Officer at Perspective Wealth Partners, a boutique advisory firm with offices in Idaho and Texas. We serve nearly 250 families across the country.

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