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God Is A Good Businessman

The real luxury of luxury? Not caring.

With the top 1% wealthiest people owning over 30% of the world's wealth, no surprise how frustrating it is for most people to never get ahead.

The challenge is math. When you aren't ahead, your liabilities compound against you like credit card debt or student loans. Each day, unless you are making enough money to pay down these debts and their interest charges, you are in a financially worse position than the day before. Every day. Until something changes.

And if you think the top 1%'s wealth is impressive, consider that the average net worth of the top 0.1% of families is $1.52 billion.

Assume a modest return of 6% per year:

($1,520,000,000 * 6%) / 365 = $250,000

They expect to make ~ $250,000, EVERY DAY, for just letting their investments sit there.

It's not just the wealth gap that is jaw-dropping. It is the accompanying psyche at the wealth gap's bookends.

People who can't get ahead have to focus on getting ahead.

While people who are ahead don't have to care about that shit.

They make tiny fortunes while sleeping or sitting on a toilet.

My late Grandma Wanda used to say that God is a good businessman.

  • Pay for a new washer/dryer, then the roof starts leaking.

  • Get the car detailed, only to ding it again shortly after.

  • Go on a vacation, forget things you need and already have, only to have to buy them again while away.

God is a good businessman.

Whether you are rich or not rich, it feels this way. The difference is that if you have enough money, you have the financial privilege not to stress over feeling like someone else is getting the better deal.

Fix the roof. Re-detail the car. Hell, buy a new car. Purchase the amenities.

We must not overlook the burden of financial stress. It taxes our health and our relationships. It takes up our time, and can hijack our optimism.

But God is a good businessman to everyone.

The difference is some people have the luxury of luxury: not caring. They are compounding too much while sleeping and on the toilet. What a sad existence if they stressed about it.

The opportunity for people trying to get ahead is to have more money so that they can care less about money.

You will still often feel like you frequently get a raw deal, but you're not special. God doesn't pick and choose who dings their car, or forgets to pack things they need on vacation. Happens to everyone. The benefit of wealth is the opportunity to not care.

Money properly directed is a great tool for a less stressful life. And less stress is a fantastic reason to ensure your investment journey is designed properly, because God is a good businessman.



My blog posts are informational only and should not be construed as personalized investment advice. There is no guarantee that the views and opinions expressed in my posts will come to pass. They are not intended to supply tax or legal advice and there is no solicitation to buy or sell securities or engage in a particular investment strategy.

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